Getting you up and running

We advise on how to best set up and structure your business or investment initiative by helping navigate the pros and cons of jurisdictional options, particularly if you are setting up in the UAE, and devising a suitable capital structure that is tax-efficient and accommodating of expansion plans, capital repatriation and proper corporate governance. We help establish corporate entities, partnerships, SPVs and investment funds in furtherance of operational/managerial ease, cost savings and investor protection. Whether it’s to help negotiate a commercial lease, link up with a local sponsor, employ staff or ensure you are generally adopting good business habits from the outset, we will be there to guide you.


Need to borrow or lend funds? Or raise capital? Look to us to advise and negotiate your financing transactions

We act for borrowers and lenders negotiating credit facilities, syndicated borrowings, debt capital markets and other kinds of leveraged finance transactions. We have acted for banks, special situation lenders and other financiers. Our private equity practice includes advising on early stage equity rounds in industries including technology, media, health & fitness, consumer, and food & beverage.


Buying or selling? Joining forces with other businesses? We advise on strategic acquisitions and divestitures, and bring about collaborations that are far greater than the sum of their parts

We advise stakeholders on exits through sales to strategic and financial buyers, and have acted on significant buy and sell-side mandates in the technology, finance, media, telecommunications, hospitality and food and beverage industries. We help negotiate commercial alliances that combine the supply of materials, operational know-how and technology to bring innovative products and services to market.


We can speak your language when it comes to data and AI, and can help you collaborate on AI projects, develop or procure AI solutions, and invest in AI companies

We know artificial intelligence not because we listen to the hype and want to be on the bandwagon, but because we have taken courses on data science, programming in Python, machine learning, neural networks and data visualization, and know a thing or two about Hadoop distributed file systems, Apache Spark, Tensorflow and MapReduce. We advise on collaboration agreements, AI corporate policies and myriad legal issues relevant to deploying AI, be it compliance with data laws and best practices, ethical considerations, intellectual property aspects, source code concerns and product liability.


We negotiate agreements that help you monetize your technology and IP, and which help ensure you get what you pay for when you procure tech solutions for your business

We act for licensors and licensees of software, technical know-how, trademarks, service marks and copyrights, and advise how these assets can best be protected by contract and corporate best practices. We have deep knowledge of the telecoms industry and its convergence with data and content, and help e-commerce, content and mobility come alive.


Processes and practices to align stakeholders, board members and management

We help investors and companies develop and deploy practices that facilitate stakeholder coordination and alignment, all in line with the latest techniques in leading jurisdictions. We advise on corporate policies that promote transparency, communication and accountability, and means for mitigating conflicts of interest.


We can advise on your day-to-day legal matters by serving as your offsite general counsel

We provide offsite general counsel to companies, start-ups, investor groups and business sponsors without in-house legal counsel who need regular, on-going legal support but do not wish to hire a full-time in-house lawyer, as well as to those with in-house counsel who want to avoid adding more full-time resources to their existing staff. Like a full time in-house counsel, we can work alongside your own legal team, provide an in-house legal function as seconded counsel or support your business remotely.


Helping ensure discipline and capturing maximum value from your external lawyers

We have been lawyers long enough to understand how external legal advisers operate, and how you can get the best out of them.


Winning more, conceding less, and moving beyond zero sum

We have negotiated intricate financing deals and acquisitions, complex multi-party contracts and mission critical projects. We have even helped settle disputes. We position, message and bring persuasion to bear on legal issues.